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Candace Booker

Candace Booker

Account Executive

Now living in San Diego, Candace is a Los Angeles native who is passionate about marketing, communications and life in general. Much of this enthusiasm stems from her highly formative experience in Tanzania while working for an NGO and then in London for a year. This experience opened Candace’s mind to greater world perspectives and how that applies to the local level. We are very happy and lucky to have Candace as a part of our team, and we’re sure you will see why in your interactions with her. Candace also has some very kind words to say on Arrow Northwest’s behalf as well.

“Arrow NW has a fantastic way of helping companies not only gain traction and visibility but also pinpointing what it is exactly that makes each individual company unique, and sets them apart from the rest!

As humans we are all unique creatures with a myriad of different talents and wonderful attributes… So why should your organization be any different? With Arrow Northwest we can showcase what it is that makes your company different from the rest.”

– Candace Booker