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Chad Lowe

Chad Lowe

Head of Graphic & Web Design

There is nothing wrong with staying small. You can do big things with a small team.” —Jason Fried

Chad Lowe is a designer, illustrator, and web developer who manages projects for consultants, agencies, retailers, and manufacturers throughout the nation. He received a specialized education in graphic design with a concentration in branding from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA and immediately was given a full-time position as a packaging designer after graduating.

Chad continued to work for a high-end design agency located in West Hollywood for four years starting as a junior designer and leaving as a senior designer and production manager. He made the move from Los Angeles to Oregon to start his own freelance design & art business and get his hands dirty in the Pacific Northwest. He sought out connections with companies and clients that carried similar creative-driven, self-sustainable and humanitarian values that coincided with his own.

Chad has worked with everything from Fortune 500 media companies such as Warner Bros. and Netflix to startups and small business owners. His designs have been seen in mainstream print and digital applications around the world including advertising, marketing, branding, photography, illustration, web/mobile design, packaging, and much more. Chad’s philosophy is that successful design requires a strong sense of purpose and self-awareness, which is what he expresses through his concepts, styling, and execution. He adapts fluidly to different aesthetics and helps clients achieve their biggest goals.

Chad is obsessed with observing, listening, experimenting, and most of all— creating. He loves to fiddle with numbers and logic until he can get a piece of code to work just right. Chad usually cannot go a day without picking up a pen and drawing. Few things excite him more than being able to collaborate with and learn from others.

Outside of work, Chad likes to draw and practice lettering as well as collaborate with other artists. He makes a point to “Make Something Everyday” and encourages others to do the same. He also enjoys craft beer, creating music, going on hikes, and playing with his cat.