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Jordan Kennedy-Smith

Jordan Kennedy-Smith

Jordan Smith is a Content Director, Production Manager, and Digital Producer and has approximately 7 years of experience overseeing digital productions as a director, producer, and or editor.

Jordan attended the Herberger Institute of the Design and Arts at Arizona State University. He graduated in May of 2013 with a degree in Film and Media.

Jordan has been directing commercials, advertisements, comedy sketches, and short films independently since 2010 and specializes in online beauty cosmetics, product videos, clothing, lifestyle, and commercial content. He has worked for recognizable brands such as Ethika, Mary Grace Swimwear, and Loud Thoughts San Diego.

Jordan is able to manage a staff of digital production specialists that contribute and produce multi-platform communications including broadcast, web, social media, and print. He also has experience overseeing visual production from pre to post production and is able to implement company policies, procedures, and guidelines for producing media content.