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Social media is a crucial element for your medical practice marketing strategy. Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world.

This articles provides 5 simple ideas that you can use to gain traction for your medical practice on Facebook (and create active, positive engagement with your target audiences).

Marketing a medical practice in terms of gaining more customers and promoting its services online isn’t supposed to be a tedious task. Management simply needs to do its part to effectively apply certain digital promotional techniques. Below, we present some of the best medical practice marketing ideas that one can use to develop a strong Facebook marketing strategy for their medical practice.

1. Use Engaging Content

First and foremost, you should publish healthcare marketing content that’s appealing to your target audience because this way you will build trust in your brand and develop long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with your potential and actual clients. According to research, healthcare Facebook ads have a lower click-through-rate (CTR) compared to most other ads that are published across other industries.


So, to improve your ads’ returns, you should tell a story and create a friendly brand identity, voice, and image. Whether you use testimonials, powerful photos, tutorials, videos, or even virtual tours, you should think of ways to provide engaging content on social networks.

2. Consider A/B Testing for Your Facebook Ads

Regarding the A/B method, there are plenty of variables you can test and compare: target audience, images, type of content, ads type, call to actions, etc. As a medical practice, you can create two Facebook ads. Let’s say you use the same text on both of them but you include different images: the first ad contains a photo of your team while the other ad has an image of the medical technology you use. After you run these two ads for a couple of weeks, you will be able to determine which one is the most cost-effective by looking at their performances.


3. Persuade Your Followers with One Strong Call-to-Action

When it comes to powerful content in the healthcare industry, one should remain focused by providing clear, compelling, and transparent material and Facebook posts. Nowadays, people all over the globe live busy and on-the-go lives so both their time and attention spans are limited.

Therefore, all your Facebook posts, especially the ads, should come with a clear goal. First, think about what you’re trying to accomplish: increasing brand awareness, selling a new product or service, getting more leads, etc. A very effective method is to include a call-to-action button that goes with your ad.

4. Target Niche Audiences and Build an Extraordinary Patient Experience

When one thinks about the healthcare industry, two main aspects come to mind: personalization and prevention. These two themes can lead to an effective marketing plan and an overall profitable business. Hospitals and medical practices should develop an ongoing process of preventative care and customer service. And, what better way to differentiate yourself in a market full of providers if not by offering an exquisite patient experience which can be accomplished through a well-structured Facebook page.


In addition, instead of focusing on big-picture marketing techniques, medical practices should turn their attention to specific groups of potential clients. Niche audiences value their beliefs and interests. Therefore, healthcare businesses should create marketing campaigns with the purpose of engaging the public on a personal level as well.

5. Share Important Things about Your Physicians and Practice

Feel free to post videos and pictures that highlight your medical team or even post a small anecdote about your practice which should also include a brief history of your office. Don’t be afraid to share the challenges you had to face with your public, as well as your success stories. All these will lead to a strong community and your followers will like your brand even more.

Also, you can engage your target audience by posting headshots, videos, and bios of your physicians. Don’t just publish their degrees and medical experience. Talk about more personal things such as their hobbies, interests philanthropic activities etc. This may sound silly but these kinds of posts have an amazing potential to go viral. Also, they will boost your brand’s credibility as well as increase the quality of patient-doctor interaction.

Final Thoughts

All the above Facebook marketing strategies for medical practices are crucial if you want to achieve your business goals, build long-term customer relationships, and increase both your sales and brand awareness. After all, nowadays, almost nothing can be accomplished without the help of a powerful overall digital marketing strategy which helps us to reach to our target audience.

Let us know if you have any comments, other ideas you have applied, or if you simply found our article useful, in the comment section below!

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