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If you own or operate a medical practice of any kind, ask yourself one question:

Is word-of-mouth a critical part of the overall success of your practice?

If you answered ‘no’, you can stop reading now.

If you answered ‘yes’, then you need to understand that social media is the greatest word-of-mouth generator known to man.

Now, what is your social media marketing strategy?

Do you have one?

Do you even have social media channels?

Is your content consistent and engaging? Or do you post randomly just because everyone else does it and you feel you have to?

If your medical practice’s social media strategy is nebulously defined at best, with under-engaging content being posted randomly, don’t worry – you’re not the only medical practice with this problem.

The great thing is that you can do something about it in a fun and supremely effective way at generating word-of-mouth promotions. And the benefits? None other than a distinct and powerful strategic advantage over your industry peers!

You may have already read our article about how to create a digital media strategy for your medical practice, and how this needs to reflect your brand identity and trigger the interest of your patient personas.

This publication is the first of a 3-part series where we provide highly valuable insights into how to ensure your social media content hits the nail on the head every single time.

We’ll start first with THE key things to keep in mind when creating your social media content.

For the second article, we’ll talk about the PUB method, which will ensure that your content follows three cardinal rules for ultimate success.

The third article will provide you with actual content ideas for your practice. After all, the biggest challenge facing most practices is coming up with actual, workable ideas that deliver an unending stream of fantastic content. You will find these ideas are absolute gold!

Now, without further ado, let's get into the most important points to keep in mind with your medical practice’s social media content.

Key things to keep in mind with your social media

  • Stopping the Scroll is the #1 Goal
  • Choose your channels carefully and do them very well
  • People want to laugh, cry, be told stories, see cutting-edge technology in an easy to digest way
  • On the emotional spectrum, our statistics have shown that patients want your content to be one of three things:
    • Fascinating
      • Where they learn something new
      • Where the vibrancy of your brand shines through and creates intrigue
    • Entertaining
      • Funny
      • Enjoyable
    • Inspiring
      • How you give back, leave a lasting legacy or make your community a healthier, more vibrant place to live
      • Insights into the lives and stories of your doctors, staff and patients
    • Make social content a key part of your overall growth strategy
    • Get a team meetings every morning, examine the notes taken from the patients for the day and check in.
    • Involve your staff in your social production for maximum engagement
    • When patients check in via mobile, make sure it posts to social media
    • Any time you have the chance to make a happy memory for a patient, do it, capture it and post it
    • Keep content consistent (specific days, times)
    • Make sure people can see themselves in the story. For example, ask the question, “What if…” (e.g. “What if you could see the world in brighter color” or “What if you could walk without pain” etc.)

We hope the above points are useful for you in creating fantastic content for your chosen social media channels!

Our next article will talk about the PUB Method. Again, this method ensures that your social media content follows three cardinal rules for ultimate success.

Our third and final article of this series will give you the absolute best social media content ideas known to the medical practice industry. If you want access to these best-practice ideas, click the subscribe button below! and we'll send you the article when it's published!  Click Here to Subscribe!

Good luck!

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