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If you own or operate a medical practice of any kind, ask yourself one question:

Is word-of-mouth a critical part of the overall success of your practice?

By now, I am sure you all know that things such as establishing relevant and achievable goals, knowing and understanding your audience, and setting a marketing budget are essential for every business strategy, regardless if it is a promotional, branding, marketing, or social media one. Today, we’ll discuss some more insights on how to come up with an effective social media strategy that helps medical practices gain their followers’ trust.

1. Carefully Select Your Social Media Channels (and do them really well)

Once you know who your target audience is (which you can discover through surveys, market analysis, and creating customer personas, it’s time to determine the exact online communication channels that will benefit for your marketing initiatives the most. Most medical practices focus their business efforts on Facebook or Instagram in order to reach their public. However, visual platforms like Snapchat or Pinterest are also very good options for the healthcare industry.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t launch your campaigns or send messages on all these channels at once, especially if your practice's resources are limited. Instead, you should use only those alternatives that generate the highest leads.

Whatever the case, whatever social media channels you use, make sure you do them really well. After all, quality over quantity applies.

2. Come Up with a Smart Content Strategy

Dialogue and interactive actions with your followers are very important because they can boost trust and improve your brand’s credibility. You can only achieve that goal as long as you develop and implement a clever content strategy. First and foremost, the key to remaining connected with your audience is by posting on a regular/daily basis while also keeping your social media pages up to date. Still, the concept of content strategy is much more complex than it sounds. You must adjust the tone of your online messages to match your patients’ health stories.

Below, you will find the main points that any medical practice must follow when developing a new content strategy.

a. Emphasize the Uniqueness of Your Business

Make sure to always mention (even if it’s in a subtle way) your company’s values, mission, and what it stands for. These should tie in to your brand identity, which will also help you differentiate from your competitors.

b. Tune the Voice of Your Social Media Messages

How do you plan to communicate with your followers on social media? Some businesses wish to be perceived as friendly and approachable while others might want to create a helpful and inspiring image. No matter what you do, remember these crucial traits: always keep your communication as authentic as possible and engage your patients as much as you can. Finding and sticking to a clear voice will make your brand identifiable.

c. Adjust Your Content to Match Each Platform

Some channels require you to publish high-quality and eye-catching visuals that will stand out (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest). Other online platforms like blogs are suitable for longer texts and articles. Deliver your message in a complementary way so that when you put all the channels together they form a coherent puzzle.

d. Share Details about Your Practice and Employees

Be totally honest and transparent with your followers. Tell short stories about what happens at your office, publish funny or authoritative videos, and combine each text post with a relevant image. As a medical practice, one of the best things you can do is to highlight your team of physicians. Provide links to your staff members’ bio, talk about their experience, achievements, etc.

e. Post Patient Testimonials

This is an easy and very effective method to create a personal bond with your community, by emphasizing what patients have to say about your services. Testimonials increase organic reach, which can further lead to more clients.

3. Advertise Your Practice’s Availability

Posting the working hours of your office is no longer enough. Online communication channels offer the opportunity to promote your business’ availability in terms of appointments. That means you should specify special working hours during holidays or publish last-minute openings for call-in appointments.

4. Track Your Online Success

Measure the results of your social media activities. Keeping track of digital metrics will help you improve your marketing initiatives and you will know whether or not you have accomplished your goals. Measure results by keeping track of how many followers your pages have and how many new ones your campaigns have attracted. See what patients have to say about your services and how satisfied they are. To do all these, We recommend you to use tools like tools like Facebook Insights.

Final Thoughts

Handling social media actions isn’t intimidating if you know what you’re doing. Apply the tips provided above to develop a successful online strategy for your medical practice. They will engage your patients and drive more leads!

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