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eNewsletters are one of the most effective ways to create engagement and loyalty with your medical practice's existing and prospective patients. 

So what are some things to keep in mind when writing your eNewsletters? This article provides a list of the do's and don'ts!

Medical practices can easily reach their target audiences through email marketing. In fact, communication via eNewsletters can provide plenty of benefits for your existing patients, potential patients, and your business overall. In fact, it is the #4 recommendation we make in our publication The Ultimate Digital Media Guide for Medical Practices!

New call-to-actionThis article will provide you some additional useful tips and tricks for what you should do when writing your medical practice's eNewsletters, and what you should shy away from. Here goes!


1. Use Catchy Subject Lines

The secret to a higher opening rate is to come up with short and appealing subject lines. Subject lines should also contain a strong call to action, which works as a clear incentive that can persuade your readers to open your newsletters. Test your subject lines with free online tools like the one provided by CoSchedule.

2. Make the eNewsletters Rich in Compelling Content

First, you must find out what interests your public the most. This is where your Patient Personas and a compelling Brand Identity come into play! Individuals will read newsletters that are relevant and valuable to them. For example, if your clinic specializes in diabetic treatment, you should include some diabetic-friendly food recipes in your newsletters. The same goes for all other types of medical services. Just include relevant and free tips and information that your patients will find useful.

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Finally, make sure to carefully proofread your newsletters, as there are few things in the marketing world that are more embarrassing than typos in your published works.

3. Make It Easy for Readers to Unsubscribe

By law, you must make sure that all the people you send your newsletters to agree to receive these emails. Also, it is crucial to place an easily-visible button or a link that allows followers to unsubscribe. Doing that will help you save time and money because it is not effective to keep sending messages to people who are not interested in your medical services. What helps is using an email service that’s HIPAA-compliant. This type of service will simplify the process of email marketing.


1. Don’t Write Subject Lines That Are Too Long 

Keep your eNewsletter's subject lines short and concise. Unfortunately, most businesses include either less or more characters, which fail to convince the reader to open the email. Brevity is best when it comes to subject lines. Keep them short yet powerful so that you can truly hook your audience! Here are three points to keep in mind.

  • Subject lines should have between 40-50 characters;
  • Be direct and tell your public what they will find in the email;
  • Stir clear of spam triggers like exclamation points and terms such as “click here.”

2. Don’t Write an Entire Essay

When writing your medical practice's eNewsletters, avoid including too much content in one single email. Also, don’t cover more than one or two topics in one newsletter. However, this doesn’t mean that you should send dozens of separate newsletters in the course of several days to the same patient. What you can do is group the things you want to say in such a manner that isn’t overwhelming while also making sense.

Let’s say you want to tell your patients about new services that your medical practice provides or some significant discounts or promotional offers. These two types of information might work in the same email but it is wise to create separate newsletters for each type of detail that you want to communicate. Otherwise, readers might lose interest or only see the big picture. By the way, you should not include too many hi-resolutions photos in your emails because they might take a long time to load.


3. Don’t Use Too Many CTAs (Calls to Action)


Using a lot of calls to action (CTAs) will only confuse the readers. It is true that having more than one CTA is more than acceptable, but crowding the message with too many CTAs is counterproductive. CTAs are meant to stand out because they tell the reader to take immediate action, like buying a product or booking an appointment.

Bottom Line

As a medical practice, you can take advantage of using eNewsletters as an integral part of your marketing strategy. This communication channel can be highly effective as long as you do it right. 

New call-to-actionPatients who feel as though you can personally engage them on multiple levels (through well-crafted Patient Personas), as well as through a compelling Brand identity, will love your practice and promote your services through word-of-mouth marketing. (the most effective form of marketing known to humankind). 

So go for it! Try writing some eNewsletters over the next few months and see what kind of engagement you can facilitate. If you follow the above tips, as well as the advice we give in our publication, The Ultimate Digital Media Guide for Medical Practices, you will be well on your way towards creating fantastic eNewsletter content that effectively engages your existing patients and potential patients, which ensures a far healthier bottom line for your practice overall!

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