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If you are in the renewable energy business, a consistent and viable digital content strategy is crucial for your overall digital marketing efforts.

But how do you create a content strategy that ultimately drives customers to your door? This article tells you how! 

According to research, over 60% of companies lack a properly contrived and executed content marketing strategy. If your renewable energy company is a part of this percentage, your are relying more on pure luck when it comes to the success or failure of your digital marketing efforts. This simply will not do!

Below, you will find 6 easy steps for how to create a strong content strategy to achieve your goals.

1. Know Your Goal

Think about the reasons why you want to develop a new content marketing strategy. This absolutely must fit in to your overall digital marketing strategy. Maybe you want to raise brand awareness, generate leads, increase sales, or attract and retain more clients. The aim behind the plan is the fuel that will keep you going. Establish clear and achievable objectives before getting started on the whole planning process.

content marketing

2. Research Your Target Audience

Define your audience through detailed customer personas. "Customer Personas" is another term for target market. In order to produce and publish the most effective content possible, you need to find out as many details as possible about your potential clients to get to know them a little better. Besides customers personas, you can also use other methods to define your target market. So, after discovering why you need to design a content marketing strategy, you must also know who is going to receive that content.

The best kinds of posts that will have a positive impact are the ones that encourage or determine readers to react, interact, and engage with your brand. Your content must play an educational role. And, the only way to achieve that is by offering readers practical solutions to their problems.

For a more extensive guide for how to create more detailed and integrated customer personas, click here.

3. Update Your Current Content

Re-evaluate your existing content to see if there’s something that needs fixing. Maybe you need to change your approach or shift your content’s direction to meet your audience’s expectations. Make sure you publish engaging articles and "evergreen" posts. If some of your current content is not aligned with your new strategy, you should change or remove it.

4. Create the Right Types of Content

content marketing

There is a wide range of content options out there so you must determine which ones will offer you optimal results. Think about your audience when you decide this. The most popular content alternatives are the following ones:

  • Blog posts – Besides social media, blog articles are all the rage right now because they offer plenty of useful, practical, and valuable information. If you start a company blog, you will have to publish fresh content on a regular basis in order to increase traffic and attract new visitors. Longer posts are preferred but you must check what your readers want;
  • Social media posts – once you have a blog and several written articles, you need to distribute them on other platforms such as social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The first two options (Facebook and LinkedIn) are the best ones for your renewable energy businesses;
  • Infographics – this is a great and appealing way to organize a plethora of details in a more attractive and easy to read format. Include some optimized visuals which will make the data easier to understand;
  • Videos – they are highly engaging these days and they are easily shareable online so they are definitely worth experimenting with.

5. Publish and Manage the New Content

Your overall marketing strategy should go hand-in-hand with your content plan which includes deciding what kind of posts, visuals, and texts you will publish as well as organizing the new content. The previous step comes in handy when you need to organize the way you will spread content throughout your chosen online communication channels: social media, newsletters, blog, website, etc. That is why it is best to have two different content calendars: one for your social media pages and a second one for editorial purposes.

Many of the blog post ideas you come up with should be evergreen, which means they must be relevant and useful for months, if not years. Still, timely subjects are also welcome because they can lead to traffic spikes.

6. Come up with a Content Amplification Plan

Nowadays, just creating and posting articles or publishing social media content is not enough anymore. In most situations, you will also have to amplify your content. You can do that by using all your social media accounts, online influencers, your brand’s ambassadors and followers, etc. These individuals can be either your employees or your clients. Social networks are the quickest and most effective methods to amplify existing content.

Final Thoughts

Before executing an impactful content marketing strategy, you should first know everything you need in terms of plans, resources, tools, tactics, etc. And don’t forget that the strategy is effective as long as you have a well-structured plan. After that, it will all be based on how well you execute the plan.

Good luck!

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