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A digital marketing audit offers a deeper understanding of your renewable energy company's online presence. It is also a crucial aspect of your overall marketing strategy.

This article provides the 3 main aspects to include in your digital audit, plus one bonus tip!

If you are in the renewable energy business, you understand the critical importance of a viable digital marketing strategy. This starts first and foremost with a compelling and differentiated brand identity, followed up with well-researched insights into your ideal customers. Once you have these elements in place, the next steps are to create a digital media plan, followed by a content strategy that both engages your audience and drives qualified buyers to your sales channels.

Once you have the above elements firmly in place, you will need to conduct occasional digital media audits to ensure maximum efficacy with your digital marketing activities. This article gives you a simple process by which you can conduct your audits.

Ready. Set. Go!

1. SWOT Analysis

This is a classic marketing evaluation tool which enables you to ascertain your digital marketing’s strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats. It is simple but effective and it allows you to understand your strategy and to see how well your company performs from both external and internal standpoints.

digital marketing

Strengths and Weaknesses

Both these elements show your business’ internal level of performance. You can include things such as your marketing team’s competencies and productivity, how well the internal communication works, whether or not your marketing data is accurate and relevant, etc.

Opportunities and Threats

These two are external factors that impact your overall digital marketing strategy. One of the best actions is doing market research to determine if the online channels you have used provide enough traffic, leads, and conversions that you predicted. Another thing to consider is your competitors and the channels that they invest their time, money, and efforts in.

2. SEO Audit

digital marketing

Both SEO and link building play a crucial role in implementing a successful digital marketing strategy. Any digital strategy is based on search engines which are a popular and convenient way for online users to discover brands and products online while also finding out more details about them. A whopping 89% of individuals rely on Google or other search engines to make a more informed purchasing decision.

Therefore, you must analyze whether or not your website was properly optimized. Here’s what you need to focus on:

  • Competitive analysis – first and foremost, you need to get the big picture of what your competitors are doing to determine your SEO approach and its effectiveness. Evaluate your current keywords, content, links, and other details to figure out which ones provide the best ranking;
  • Technical issues – the second phase of an SEO audit is emphasizing any potential flaws that your website’s design or programming might have. Check for broken links, backlinks, outdated content, and any other problems;
  • On-page optimization – the next step of the process is content optimization. When it comes to on-page optimization, investigating best practices is vital for your business ranking. Your site should be primed to appear on the first page of Google Search. You can achieve that through meta-descriptions, long-tail keywords, title tags, etc.;
  • Link building – Once you make sure your website is properly and fully optimized, you need to see how well your link building strategy works and whether or not you need to improve it. If you must change it, start by writing evergreen and useful content that your audience is willing to share. Seek popular articles in your niche on well-trafficked sites to see which content type and format provide the best results.

3. Social Media Audit

digital marketing

Although search is a primary online tool for most companies, social media also represents one of the most important communication channels that can help you reach your target audience while also encouraging followers to engage with your brand. In fact, networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the digital face of an organization through which clients and potential customers form a first impression regarding that particular brand or company. That is why you should always establish clear social media goals and a well-structured posting schedule.

Engagement Evaluation

First, you need to determine which type of posts lead to the highest engagement levels. This way, you will be able to come up with content that is more appealing to your public while also discovering your brand’s social media strength points.

Profile Standardization

Secondly, find out where your brand’s social media presence does not exist or is simply inconsistent with the message you are trying to transmit. In connection, you must establish your current resources. Simply put, is your team capable to tackle multiple channels?

Best Practices and Popular Trends

It is time to research your industry’s digital trends and best practices. Compile a comprehensive social media checklist and then share it with all your team members.

Schedule Creation

Any analysis must end with creating a detailed social media calendar to improve your existing approach. Each network must have a different schedule but make sure to interconnect them and send the same message about your products and services.

Bonus Tip!

Besides all these, you should also assess your content marketing which means you should evaluate the following aspects:

  • Content strategy and consolidation;
  • Your target audience and if your initiatives are aligned with your public’s needs.


So there you have it! With the above recommendations, as well as the insights provided in our comprehensive digital marketing guide for renewable energy companies, you can ensure that your digital marketing activities reach maximum effectiveness and ultimately drive more customers to your doorstep!

Good luck and happy hunting!


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