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If you are in the renewable energy business, your digital marketing activities are crucial for your overall strategy.

But how do you create a simple strategy that will ensure the effectiveness of your digital endeavors?  

Renewable energy is our collective destiny. The market growth in this sector is growing faster than forecasted even a few years ago. Because of this demand and growth, renewable energy companies need to make their digital marketing activities a key part of not only their marketing strategy, but their overall strategy as well. 

In our ultimate digital media guide for renewable energy businesses, we provided a 7-step process that helps companies focus their digital activities for maximum effect. Step #3 of that guide talks about why digital media is crucial for your renewable business, the digital tools you need and a structure by which to breathe life into your plan. The article you are reading now expands upon Step #3 for a more comprehensive view of what you need for ultimate success (sustained, superior results).

Without further ado, let's begin.

1. Establish Your Goals

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Start by knowing what you want to accomplish with your digital media strategy by setting clear, smart, and realistic objectives for your renewable energy company. When it comes to defining goals, most companies think of becoming profitable and increasing their revenues. While this is definitely a part of the game, you need to go further and be more specific. Here are some good examples of well-created objectives:

  • Increasing the company’s online sales by 20%, by the end of the year;
  • Increasing the website’s traffic up to 150 visitors per day while maintaining the conversion rate at 2.5%;
  • Generating 30% more leads via the brand’s social media accounts, etc.

2. Set a Budget and Discover Your Means

To identify your means you must assess your team members, digital channels, and the money you are willing to invest in applying the strategic plan. Also, you should take notice of all your available resources that will be engaged in the digital strategy. Depending on your budget, you must decide whether or not you will also focus on paid ads and social media campaigns as part of your overall plan or simply target organic traffic and leads.

Finally, think about splitting the budget and allocating a part of it for each of the online channels you will be using. Regarding your team members, do they have the necessary skills and knowledge to handle all these assignments or do you need to hire new employees to manage some of the tasks? The answers to these questions will help you move forward with your plan.  

3. Understand Your Target Audience

In a previous post, we detailed the importance of customer personas and how to create them. This is another moment in which having robust digital profiles come in handy. Find out what your prospective and existing clients (and even the followers you have on social media) want, as well as the way they behave, what their interests are, the other people and brands they interact with, and the best ways to engage with them. Moreover, you should also create a virtual map of your clients’ journey and point out value exchanges along the way.

If your renewable energy company provides B2B products or services, make sure to focus more on emphasizing your customers’ objectives and the problems that they need to solve. So, simply put, unveil goals instead of roles. This way, you will be able to match your business’ goals with your clients’ needs in order to meet or even exceed them.

4. Use a Multi-Channel Approach

A modern and effective digital marketing strategy includes a multi-channel approach which enables you to benefit from the activation of all key ways of communication: website, email, social media pages, etc. Each field of activity must target certain digital instruments. For instance, Facebook works better for some businesses while LinkedIn is more effective for other types of organizations.

Chances are you won’t truly need to use all the online communication methods available out there. To select the best alternatives, see where your target audience spends more time and what channels your public uses. Here’s what you must do:

  • Look at social media as a tool that drives sales;
  • Incorporate Google Search in a clear way into your strategy: will you want to drive more traffic, increase leads, use organic or sponsored ads?
  • Is your website properly optimized and designed to attract, retain, and convert leads?

5. Develop and Schedule Your Content Strategy

Nowadays, most companies invest up to 40% of their total marketing budget on content creation and promotion: social media posts, visual content, blog posts, newsletters, etc. Every piece of content must address your public’s needs and interests. It should be relevant and useful. For your content strategy to work, you need to come up with a calendar. In this timeline, you will include deadlines, channels, formats, etc. The content planner will help you remain consistent.

6. Monitor and Measure

The last step of implementing a successful digital media strategy for your renewable energy business is to monitor and measuring your digital results. Fortunately, almost all the platforms are equipped with analytic tools, so accessing those details should be quite convenient. Verifying these aspects will help you improve your future digital initiatives.


So there you have it! These simple yet effective steps will enable you to develop a robust online strategy that will take your renewable energy business to the next level!

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