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A key aspect of your marketing strategy is to define your target customer. But how do you do this? By creating your CUSTOMER PERSONAS, of course.

Developing your Customer Personas will allow you to be highly effective in delivering the messaging your patients want to hear. This articles provides a simple guide for how to do exactly this.

Every enterprise should create at least one customer persona. Doing so will truly enhance that company’s marketing strategy. As a renewable energy company, this absolutely applies to your marketing, branding and digital media strategies as well. After all, you can never know your audience too well! This is where the development of your Customer Personas comes into play. Building your unique Customer Personas will help you better:

  • Understand your target audience;
  • Cultivate empathy and deliver the kind of messaging that your intended customers truly want to hear;
  • Gain better quality leads;
  • Segment your market;
  • Build stronger customer relationships;
  • Generate fantastic word-of-mouth referrals;
  • Build a more solid foundation for future product development
  • Generate superior sales

This article gives you a precise and simple method for building your Customer Personas that will help deliver all of the above points. Without further ado, let's begin!

What Is a Customer Persona?

A customer persona is a concept that best describes your potential clients and allows you to understand your target audience better by recognizing their key traits. Normally, this semi-fictional identity of your representative customer is created by researching the market, the business’ competitors, and your real clients.

This particular marketing tool enables you to see a more detailed image of your hypothetical buyers: you will find out their personal aspirations, goals, the things they love most when it comes to your brand, and the channels they prefer to communicate with your brand. So, this characterization is, in fact, a description that mirrors your company’s market segments.

How to Build Your Customer Persona – 5 Steps

1. Research Your Target Audience

First of all, you must do some research in order to gather information that will help you come up with a realistic and relevant profile of your potential customers. During this first step, you will also discover useful details and traits of your existing customers that maybe you were not aware of before. Start by looking at your current client base. Are there any similarities or differences between them? The key is to find as many commonalities as possible.

The renewable energy sector is comprised of a large B2B section so you should do things a tad differently. In other words, you should select a number of collaborators you enjoy doing business with and organize in-person interviews with them. Another option is given by phone calls. Experts even recommend researching those clients who were not completely satisfied with your services. This might help you find out which individuals aren’t suitable for your type of service.

When connecting with existing and/or prospective clients, make sure to get as much of the following information as possible:

  1. Background
  2. Demographics (these include the following)
    • Age
    • Race
    • Gender
    • Ethnicity
    • Education
    • Income
    • Family size
    • Occupation
  3. Hobbies and interests?
  4. Inspirational/Aspirational
    • What inspires the persona? 
    • To what does the persona aspire?
  5. Challenges
    • Is there anything that would inhibit the persona from recommending your renewable energy company's services?
  6. Goals
    • What are your persona's immediate goals?
    • What are your persona's long-term/life goals?
  7. Does your persona have any fears that need to be addressed?
  8. Email and communication channel preferences – email opening rate, when and how often they like to receive newsletters, etc.

A few methods for collecting your information

In order to gather the information you will use for your renewable energy company's customer personas, the simplest and most effective way to do so are the following:

  • Online surveys (which can include surveys sent through paid advertisements on social media channels, or through your email list. Survey Monkey is a fantastic resource!)
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Focus groups

A few tips when approaching possible participants in your research:

In order to prompt people to want to provide you information in building your patient personas, keep the following tips in mind when recruiting your interviewees:

  • Explain that you are not selling anything
  • Provide fun incentives to participate in the process
  • Make participation easy

2. Narrow Down the Information You Obtained

Now it’s time to organize the above details and use to create a number of different customer personas. To complete this part of the process, you must group the interviewed people in several categories, based on their answers and similarities. Each group will have its own customer persona. For example, you could build a separate identity for each category of clients, based on their purchasing motivation or the type of renewable energy they want to use more: solar, geothermal, wind, etc.

Once the research is finalized, try to compress the results you found by selecting those answers that most interviewed clients have provided. Let’s say that the majority of your buyers deal with the same challenge. Use this information to address the issue later on.

3. Assign Names to Your Personas

To make this process a lot more relevant and useful, you should name all your customer personas. This step will make you realize that you’re actually talking to real people or business collaborators when you prepare the newsletters. Also, naming your personas will help you achieve a more customized content. Feel free to include some other details as well, like a suitable photo.

The example I’ve created below is just a brief and sketched one. To obtain a complete profile, you will also have to include the person’s demographics, interests, job responsibilities, objections, etc.

4. Transmit your messaging

Now that you know the insights of your customer personas, it is time to connect with your potential clients. Through the above research, you will have determined what channels your customer personas prefer to receive the marketing messaging you want to transmit.

Through having developed your brand identity previously, you will present a tight, consistent and compelling persona of your own that inspires the sustained attention of your customer personas.

And because you know the key information which your customers are most likely to respond to positively, and ultimately act upon, the marketing messaging you transmit will be highly effective at generating engagement, leads and ultimately sales.

Bottom Line

When creating a customer personas, try to be as accurate as possible because the information you gather will help you leave a mark in the way clients perceive your services. So, include high-quality images and easy-to-follow formats that are eye-catching. Finally, incorporate these well-defined profiles throughout your organization and adjust your products and services accordingly.

Good luck!


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