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If you are in the renewable energy business, your sales funnel is crucial to winning customers. But how do you build the most effective funnel possible?

This article provides a simple, 6-step process - plus two bonus tips - that will help you create a structure for your sales funnel that drives results.

You are in the renewable energy business and you have followed the steps of our detailed publication, The Ultimate Digital Media Guide to Grow Renewable Energy Businesses. You have developed your Brand Identity, You have segmented your target markets by mapping out your Customer Personas. You have created your Digital Media Strategy, defined your Digital Content Plan and run your Digital Marketing Audit. The next step in the process is translate all your marketing efforts into actual sales via a well-constructed Digital Sales Funnel. 

Digital sales funnels are tools that comprise several phases. With the help of a digital sales funnel, you will encourage prospective renewable energy customers to follow multiple steps that help win you their business. Landing pages, ads, free offers, email sequences, and, finally, a sale are the elements of this business tool. But before launching your digital sales funnel, you need to optimize every component in order to achieve a fantastic conversion rate.

Online Marketing Funnel - Structure

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Any marketing funnel contains three major parts:

  • Top of Funnel (TOFU) – building brand awareness/letting your target audience know about you. This is done via your landing pages, free offers, digital media and digital advertising, etc.;
  • Middle of Funnel (MUFU) – let your audience and followers know the way your renewable energy business offers powerful solutions for their needs. This is done via blog posts, emails, offers, etc.;
  • Bottom part (BOFU) – showing why your services and products are the best choices for your prospective customers (which, if the funnel is done properly, will end with a sale – A/B testing, conversion optimization tools, etc.).

Digital Marketing Funnel – Steps

1. What Will You Provide?

Decide on the product or service your renewable energy organization is offering to your customers that they can purchase once they get to the end of the funnel. Establish all the necessary details right from the start:

  • The price and payment options;
  • The product’s format – physical, service-based, etc.;
  • Delivery method – installation, consultation, etc.;
  • All the elements that your renewable energy product or service includes.

2. Integrate Special Offers

The special offer is a sales magnet that attracts more prospects. You should offer your special offers when potential clients reach your landing page. Special offers entice people to click on ads or provide their contact details because they are aware of the valuable product or service that you are offering. This small yet powerful initiative will grab the public’s attention and make customers move to the next phase of your funnel. 

Keep in mind the following things:

  • Develop targeted solutions that tackle specific problems – the special offer must deliver something highly useful;
  • Offer unique value – the special offer should only be found on a certain landing page. In other words, it should not be placed all over your website. It must also contain comprehensive and in-depth data.


3. Build an Engaging Landing Page

After online users see and click on an advertisement, or on your special offer, they should access a landing page. Promotional landing pages normally include the following:

  • a clear enticing title;
  • The advertisement or special offer's main benefits;
  • Eye-catching formats and graphics;
  • A short contact form where prospects can submit their name and email address;
  • Maximum 3-4 sentences of text.

4. Create an Automated Email Sequence

Once prospects submit their contact details, you can send out customized emails. Companies usually send between 3 and 5 consecutive emails within a delimited period of time. In these messages, you will present what your business offers:

  • Day 1 – deliver the email that contains the freebie;
  • The second email should be sent after a couple of hours since the first message;
  • On the 3rd day, prospects should receive a value email – links to videos, blogs, audio files;
  • Day 5 – case studies email;
  • Day 9 – social proof (testimonials and reviews);
  • The final email is about the sale or the offer.

5. Connect All the Elements of the Funnel

Make sure that the landing page is linked to an email service provider. You will probably have to add a few lines of code to track the metrics of your landing page (traffic, unique visitors, conversions, etc.).

6. Drive Traffic to the Landing Page

There are several effective ways for your renewable energy company to drive traffic to your funnel.

a. Free Methods

  • Social media – posts, videos, tweets, hashtags, etc.;
  • Q&A forums – answer some of the questions people ask about your industry on online forums and then insert a link where users can discover more relevant details. The biggest Q&A platform is Quora, so create an account and search for conversations about your niche;
  • SEO – through search engine optimization techniques, your landing page becomes more visible and easier to reach on Google. Focus mainly on keywords.

b. Paid Methods

  • PPC ads – pay-per-click ads enable you to send your offers only to your targeted audience based on the users’ age, location, interests, gender, and other factors. Platforms that provide PPC ads are many, including Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.  Each of these PPC platforms can be incredibly confusing to the novice user. If you are not an expert on placing paid ads on digital platforms, it is best to hire digital media experts to help you.
  • Sponsored content  editorial-style content is created by you and published on a website that’s popular among your prospects.

Conclusion – 2 Bonus Tips

Follow all the steps mentioned above and don’t forget to build loyalty by creating a close relationship with all your clients (thank you notes, exclusive deals, reward programs, etc.).

Also, constantly optimize the funnel by implementing A/B testing and using a heatmap tool. If your funnel is created correctly, your sales will increase and your business will grow.

Images sources: Flickr, Quora


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