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In our experience, all too many medical practice websites are not only uncompelling, but are antiquated, unstructured, and generally low quality.

This offers incredibly low-hanging fruit for your practice to outshine and outcompete your industry peers!


If you own or operate a medical practice, you understand the critical need to put forth an image of absolute competence and excellence as a part of your overall digital marketing activities. If you do not, you will lose patients to competing practices who are every bit as good as yours, but took the simple extra step of having a compelling and mobile optimized website.

Let’s view this in another way. Put two medical practice websites side-by-side, both operating in the same field. One has a website with an elegant, intuitive structure, vibrant graphics, and mobile optimized platform. In other words, there is something about the site that feels good and inspires you to take action. The other is clearly an older site with dull graphics, unintuitive structure and looks far too awkward when viewed via mobile. When you look at this website, you feel confused and are not inspired to take action.

In looking at these two website, with all other things being equal, which practice would you choose? This seems a rather rhetorical question, doesn’t it? Of course, you’d choose the former over the latter just like the majority of other people. In other words, the face of your practice matters and will have a significant impact on your overall financial results, regardless of how amazing your doctors and staff may be.

While this may seem like a no-brainer, in our experience, far too many medical practices have websites that are woefully uncompelling and are not mobile optimized. This opens an easy opportunity for you to outshine your competitors, simple by having a beautiful, intuitive, simple and mobile optimized website!

Making Your Website Compelling and Mobile Optimized

Let's start first by defining what "compelling" means. 


Oxford Dictionaries defines the word compelling as “evoking interest, attention, or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way”.

With this as a context, ask yourself the following:

  • Does your webpage evoke interest, attention and admiration in a powerfully irresistible way?
  • Can you name three ways for how it is better than your those of your competition?
  • How does it reflect your Brand Identity?
  • Does it integrate messaging and graphics that will appeal to your Patient Personas?

If you are unsure how to answer the above questions, you need to consider whether it is time to get a brand new website as a part of your overall medical practice marketing strategy.

Through the lens of a well-structured Brand Identity and your Patient Personas, there are some simple elements to include where it regards the creation of a compelling website. They are the following:

  • Vibrant, hi-resolution graphics
  • Clean and simple structure
  • Simple and engaging written content
  • Video (see our publication, The Ultimate Digital Media Guide for Medical Practices for more information about how to integrate video into your medical practice marketing strategy)
  • Social media channels

Now that we have a clearer idea of what “compelling” means, let’s take a look at the importance of making absolutely sure that your website is mobile optimized.

Mobile Optimized

Here are some very important statistics for you to keep in mind:

  • People who have mobile devices spend an average 69% of their media time on smartphones (source).
  • 61% of consumers say they are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile optimized website (source).
  • 57% of users say that if a business has a poorly designed website that they won’t recommend it to their friends (source).
  • According to Google, 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead (source).
  • 88% of consumers who look for a particular type of business via mobile call or go to that business within 24 hours (source).

These statistics alone should trigger you to at least ensure that your website is mobile optimized. But what does “mobile optimized” mean?

A mobile website is optimized to display on smart phones and/or mobile devices. In addition, due to speed and bandwidth being important factors, images need to be resized so that they load more quickly via mobile. This is because people who view your content via mobile are far less likely to wait extended periods of time while content downloads (see the forth bullet point above). 

IMG_4736 2-1In addition to content being mobile optimized, structure is also important. In fact, the most important part of the mobile optimized website occupies the top 50-70% of the mobile screen. As one can see from the accompanying graphic to the right (a website of one of our clients), the following elements are mission critical to provide:

    • Phone number
    • Get Directions
    • Request Appointment (this needs to access a form that visitors can fill out and submit)
    • Your social media channel icons

These elements are important because they allow your visitors easy access to critical information at the touch of a fingertip. If the name of the game is to make it as easy as possible for people to get in touch with your practice, or to find out more about you, having this information easily accessible via mobile device is an absolute must.


Far too many medical practices out there have websites that are both not compelling or mobile optimized. This creates low hanging fruit for your practice to take advantage of, as most people will choose a more attractive face of an organization over a less attractive one, regardless of the actual competency of the doctor(s) or staff. 

In addition, since it is statistically relevant for people to be able to view your website easily and seamlessly via mobile device, your website needs to be mobile optimized, having key information easily accessible for fast action.

If you can take the simple step of ensuring that your medical practice website is both compelling and mobile optimized, you will ultimately win more business. It is as simple as that.


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