Your Team

The teammates at Arrow Northwest are some of the most gifted, creative and downright quirky individuals out there. Our work continually receives attention from all the right places, and it’s all thanks to them.


Matt Classen

Founder and Marketing Director

Matt is our Founder and Brand Identity Specialist. He wears a lot of hats around here without messing up his hair. He's a dynamic man, full of energy and warmth. He's our resident #polyglot, fluent in four languages (English, Spanish, German, and Norwegian). Matt's greatest talent, though, is finding in both people and companies the special skill that connects them to the whole of humanity. He gets to the essence of whatever he spends his time on, whether that is getting to know a new person, brewing teas from the herbs in his garden or singing the loudest at karaoke (it's one of his favorite things).

Daniel Moret

Head of Campaign Strategy

Daniel is our Head of Marketing and Campaign Strategy. He's a quiet and funny guy who has the rare ability to see what it is about your company that consumers want and how to communicate that to the public. It's not easy, trust us. He's an accomplished photographer as well as author. He teaches at OSU (Go #Beavers) and runs the marketing for the OSU libraries. He has another unique ability, he can figure out what beer you want before you even know yourself. It's spooky...


Kevin Ron Taylor

Creative Director

Kevin has the rare quality of being able to think and plan strategically, while leveraging a creative capacity that delivers amazingly engaging concepts and content. Kevin started his career working for leading advertising agencies like McCann-Erickson and BBDO West. Kevin has also worked with entertainment advertising for both Disney and Oracle Corporation. His articulate communication, combined with his graphic design and photography expertise have given Kevin the opportunity to excel in the industry.

Chad Lowe

Head of Graphic and Web Design

Chad is the Head of Graphic and Web Design. We stole him from LA with our hiking and our vistas and the general beardiness of the #PNW. He's a true artist who loves collaboration and executing a shared vision. He has an addiction to #creating, he can't stop himself from making something everyday, we don't blame him, he's got the talent and the reserves to back it up. He's also a website design wizard. We wouldn't be nearly as cool without him and his awesome cat.


Nichole Naoum


We'll let Nichole describe herself in her own words:

"Having rescued countless pieces of generic copy from oblivion, my overactive imagination and journalistic background have helped me become the seasoned media professional I am today. With more than seven years of experience across diverse industries in print, broadcast, biotechnology, and publishing, my ability to meet tight deadlines and deliver quality content is unsurpassed."

- Nichole N.

Eric Merrow

Video & Photo Content Creator

Eric is our resident videographer, photographer, drone pilot, timelapse'r and digital media creative. His visual productions are stunning in their brilliance. He has an easy-going flair and brings out the best in the people. This translates beautifully to his visuals and we have unending examples of his work!



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